Tithe Corp.

Values & Mission

Our Customers are our first priority. We attend to their needs and solve their problems with special urgency, while treating them fairly and courteously.

We provide an environment that develops and encourages professional fulfillment. We treat each other with fairness and respect. We have fun and maintain a spirit of enthusiasm, teamwork, and camaraderie throughout our organization that is evident to our Customers and Partners.

We conduct ourselves with complete honesty and integrity and adhere to professional ethics. We do the right thing.

We are quality driven. We continually refine our processes and institute changes to improve our products and services.

We are committed to making the necessary investment to maintain industry leadership in all our businesses.

Human Resources

Human Resources is dedicated to maximizing the potential of Tithe Corp's greatest asset - our employees. We embrace change and the opportunity it brings. We are focused on delivering quality customer service with a sense of warmth through our commitment to recruit, train and develop our employees.

Tithe Corp.'s 7 Guiding Principles

Culture is the predominating attitude and behavior that characterize the functioning of a group or organization. At Tithe Corp, the freedom to express and embrace diverse personal cultures is the foundation on which our business culture is built. The result is an ever-changing, dynamic organization that is vigilant and responsive; one that is managed at an optimum level to ensure long-term success. It is through these measures that Tithe Corp continues to expand into new and emerging opportunities. These Seven Guiding Principles are the essence of Tithe Corp:

Tithe Corp Believes in Empowering our Employees

Our employees are charged with making proper decisions. Each of us works toward the common good of the company through our decisions, attitudes and interaction with each other.

Tithe Corp Believes in Being Responsive to Employee Input and to Value New Ideas

Talent, Skill, Intellect abound at Tithe Corp. As a Company we recognize the value of new ideas and input from those who have become experts through their traing, background and daily responsibilities. Tithe Corp. not only encourages communication of those ideas, but also rewards innovative thinking and creativity.

Tithe Corp. Encourages Teamwork

It is through teamwork that wise and proper decisions, improvements and innovation occut. "A whole is greater than the sum of it's parts."

Tithe Corp.is committed to Open Commuication

Exchange of information is critical to our success. information is exchanged every minute of our day whether it is between departments, employees or customers. We constantly strive to be more open in our information sharing. Good information helps us make proper decisions for the benefit of our customers, partners or employees.

Tithe Corp. Embraces Accountability

Accountability for our actions,our performance, and our professionalism is bestowed upon every Tithe Corp. employee. Each is empowered to make decisions or seek counsel and advice to assist in those decisions and actions for which they are responsible

Tithe Corp. Supports Change

Change is essential to our success. Competition is always just a few steps behind. We are flexible in our dealings and open to change for the customer. Only those companiees willing to change their business methods quickly, in response to marketplace dynamics, will survive and grow.Tithe Corp. is focused on a bright futre full of growth potentiall.

Tithe Corp. Encourages Taking Chances

Tithe Corp. supports an environment where we take risks. Great companies have advanced based on their willingness to take risk in their decisions, and respond with enthusiasm while living with the results of their actions.

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Tithe Corp.'s Mission Statement and Core Purpose: To experience the joy of achievement for the benefit of the public and the welfare of humanity!